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The Artesian of Ojai Offers Senior Assisted Living Apartments

Starting the conversation early about moving into an assisted living community is highly recommended. Living in community does not mean loved ones have to give up their independent lifestyle. Assisted living services allow loved ones to age with dignity, enjoying their privacy and personal freedoms while receiving around-the-clock access to supportive professionals. The Artesian of Ojai is a premier provider of assisted living services in Ojai, CA. Our experts have assembled some helpful hints for talking to an aging parent or loved one about assisted living.

Do Take Your Time and Examine Your Senior Housing Options

There are multiple senior housing options to choose from so starting to plan before a crisis occurs is helpful. We suggest that you explore the available choices in your local area to determine what style of living best meets your loved one’s needs, lifestyle, and budget. An independent living community may be ideal for seniors without any significant health issues while an assisted living community is appropriate for seniors who may require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), including bathing, grooming, and toileting. If your loved one is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, memory support may be the best option.

Do Give Your Loved One a Voice in the Decision-Making

You will find the transition to assisted living will be easier for your loved one if they are involved in the decision-making process. There is no substitute for touring a community in-person, or virtually, to explore its amenities and meet the team members providing the care. If it is safe and feasible to do so, allow your loved one to view the community’s website or to accompany you on a tour.  Establishing a familiarity with the community’s buildings and people is an important part of transitioning to a new home.

Do not Use Any Negative Language in Discussion

The way you describe a place can impact how positively your message is received. Using words like “old folks’ home” or “senior living facility” may cause distrust or resentment. Try using positive phrases such as “assisted living community” or “home with assisted living services” instead. Discuss the options calmly, rationally, and respectfully making sure you listen to your loved one’s concerns.

Do Understand Why Loved Ones Might Hesitate to Move

Many seniors have reservations about assisted living communities. We suggest focusing on the benefits of moving.  Rather than being an end to a cherished former way of life, a move to assisted living can be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. You might mention that your loved ones will soon be surrounded by peers with similar interests and that making new friends will be easy thanks to the community’s busy social calendar. Discuss the amenities of assisted living, such as not having to worry about housekeeping, laundry, or maintenance and the benefits of relying on others for transportation and nutritious meals. Your loved one’s new lifestyle will be hassle-free, with plenty of time to focus on exploring new interests. Assisted living does not spell the end of their independence. It simply allows them to age with dignity by giving them around-the-clock access to professional support while living in a brand-new home. Be sure to let your loved ones know you will be able to visit if they choose a community close to your home.

Do Begin the Discussions Early, Identifying the “What-Ifs”

While there’s never a right or wrong time to begin discussing the possibility of assisted living, it’s generally better to start early. If both of your parents are still alive and together, you should ask them about their future plans should one of them die or become chronically ill. Would it be necessary to sell the family home? Would the surviving spouse be more comfortable in a smaller apartment with less maintenance? It may surprise you to learn what your parents envision for their future. They may have discussed the possibility of moving to a senior living community on their own. If your parent or loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, do some research to see what its progression might be like. This should give you an indication of what appropriate timing might be and how much care they will require in the future.

If You’re in the Ojai Valley, Do Consider The Artesian of Ojai

The Artesian of Ojai provides assisted living and memory support services by trained caregivers under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Whichever option you choose, your loved one will enjoy an array of activities designed for cognitive, physical, social, spiritual, and creative stimulation. The Artesian of Ojai is proud of its innovative model of small home living.  Sustainability is built into our culture with storm water retention and gray water recycling systems, solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, windows, and appliances. Our spacious studio and one-bedroom assisted living apartments are surrounded by drought tolerant landscaping and outdoor community gathering areas. Contact us today with any questions or to arrange a tour. We’d love to welcome your loved one to our vibrant senior community in the Ojai Valley!