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Many caregivers tend to experience guilt when they begin to consider moving their loved one into a memory care community. They may feel as though they are giving up on their loved one, or that they have somehow failed in their endeavor to provide adequate dementia care. While this sensation is completely normal, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about considering memory care for your loved one.

You’re Looking Out for Your Loved One’s Safety

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, it can be extremely challenging to keep track of their whereabouts if you do not live with them – and even if you do, you are only one person and you cannot be everywhere at once. It’s very easy for a dementia patient to wander off on their own, and they could possibly injure themselves without supervision. Even worse, your loved one could be stuck until someone finds them, leading to an exacerbation of their injury. When they reside in a memory care community, they receive 24/7 attention, ensuring that they remain safe and comfortable. If for some reason they do experience a healthcare emergency, they’ll receive the proper medical treatment right away without needing to commute to a hospital or doctor’s office.

You’re Improving Their Quality of Life

It’s nearly impossible for one person to provide the necessary care a patient with advanced dementia may need. Despite your best efforts, it’s unlikely that you can be with your loved one 24/7, and you may have a job or other responsibilities that prevent you from devoting 100 percent of your energy to caregiving. Without the right level of care, a dementia patient can have a lowered quality of life. The staff at a memory care community is uniquely trained to deliver compassionate care around the clock, ensuring that your loved one is always looked after. With all of their needs satisfied by memory care, you and your loved one can enjoy a higher quality of life

You Can Spend More Time With Your Loved One

It may seem paradoxical but placing your loved one in a memory care community may help you spend more quality time with them. When your primary concern is caregiving, it can put a strain on your relationship and cause you to devote most of your time to running errands, performing household tasks, or doing chores like laundry and cleaning. When your loved one’s care is handled by professionals, it leaves you free to actually enjoy your time with them. You can focus on reminiscing, talking, or taking in the fresh air. You and your loved one will be able to share in some fun without having to worry about medication, healthcare, or other needs.

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At The Artesian of Ojai, you can rest assured that your loved one living with dementia is receiving the best possible memory care. For more information about our memory support care or to schedule a tour of our beautiful community, send us a message here.